Cork Slipmat - 1432R002

Cork Slipmat - 1432R002


Cork slip mats laser printed with the art from 1432R002, the Tuff Ruff/Psycho Animus 12" Single by Mikael Seifu/Dawit Eklund.


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Environmentally friendly cork material can provide benefits to dampening static reduction, improving playback quality for turntable users. These are for people looking for a high quality sound from their record player. The cork is perfect for isolating the vibration from the motor hum and controlling static. 

This slip mat is non static, non adhesive, and works with all platter types.

Due to its effective gripping ability, cork provides an ideal material to firmly grasp both the vinyl and platter surfaces, preventing slip. The material’s sound and vibration absorbency permit users to experience the best sound, as even the most minimal vibrations from a motor may create distortion.