Rush Plus

EF 21 - You Look Like My Dad

Jackson Ryland - You Always Do That
Jackson Ryland - Turning Point
Aleks - cL-b
NSDOS - Yuko 
Ethyl & Flori - Kuju 
Rush Plus - Rain
Opinion - Autobahnkirche
LPZ - Cascades
Skee Mask - Shred 08
Stephen Brown - Hot Shoe
Stephen Brown - Medusa
Roberto Clemente - Hardclass
Rush Plus - Detour
Skee Mask - Reduct Live
Catartsis - Forge Your Convictions
Gemini Voice Archive - Destellos De Luz Y Oscuridad 
Rush Plus - Oneal



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Rush Plus, a duo comprised of Jackson Ryland and Justin Nouhra, have spent the last few years honing in. They aim for a binding cohesiveness between their DJ sets, their original productions, and their label that they hope will contribute both to the local scene as well as the larger world of underground dance music.  

Rush Plus got their name from the DC metro system, a fact that alludes to their fierce dedication to the city. After taking a few years to focus their sound, they have grown from a DJ duo into a production team and have continued to chisel their way into building an imprint that aims to promote driving and experimental techno. They might have found each other based on similar music tastes, but it seems as if the pair have grown closer over their determination and belief in good, consistent work and production.

They both grew up on a healthy appetite of hip hop, reggae, jazz, and classic rock in northern Virginia but bonded over a shared interest in Shadow Child, Catz n Dogz, Eats Everything, and George Fitzgerald. They note U Street Music Hall as being a safe haven for two kids from VA into garage and tech house while also recalling a Cell Injection live set at Flash being one of the biggest influences that they shared - underscoring the importance of local night clubs and how they can influence hungry young hustlers who are shaping their artistic imperatives. 

Rush Plus is deeply supportive of the variety of underground parties in the city as well. You can find them at more established parties like Output as well as supporting the budding energies of Sticky Fingers and Prescription crews who have been instrumental in breaking the mold with new and creative spaces this year. They seem encouraged by the risk taking of these crews and insistent on helping when they can.

While they both seem to show an earnest support for traveling producers who grace the city with their harmonies from other cities and countries, it seems that they intend to try to push the local scene with their own productions. They seem adamant that there are lots of interesting acts in the city itself, and hope that by fighting for the local scene they can remain collaborative with other groups. They note Future Times, 1432 R and Silence In Metropolis as local collectives they are inspired by. 

Catch Rush Plus at Sunglass Sundays on October 23rd with a local line up. RPDC002 will be ready early November 2018. You can follow news on FacebookSoundcloudBandcamp, and Resident Advisor