EF5 Sami: Down the Holy Well

photo by ZEM SU YUNG

photo by ZEM SU YUNG

Extended Family 5: Down The Holy Well


Scene from Song Of The Sea - Cartoon Saloon
Barış Manço - Kayalarin Oğlu - Yavuz Plak
Untitled - Untitled - 1432 R
Beautiful Swimmers ft. Dawit Eklund - Sleepyhead - PPU
Untitled - Untitled - 1432 R
Untitled - Untitled - 1432 R
Jack J - Thirstin - Future Times
Untitled - Untitled - 1432 R
Untitled - Untitled - 1432 R
E.R. - Qen Sew (Beautiful Swimmers Head Up Mix) - 1432 R
Untitled - Untitled - 1432 R
Untitled - Untitled - 1432 R
Lifted - Silver - PAN
George Smallwood - You Know I Love You - Smallwood


If you ask him, Sami Yenigun may speak fondly of the first time he heard Larry Levan's remix of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" at Paradox nightclub, a club that booms into the wee hours of a night under an overpass in Baltimore city. He may tell you how the experience changed his ears and the way they listened to music for good. Recently, Yenigun did just that as a panel member for Songs We Love, which was hosted by National Public Radio. with the sort of enthusiasm and gusto reserved for the hyper passionate. His resume has clearly benefited from this sort of drive as well: Sami is a producer at NPR for the education desk, he freelances for the Washington Post as a live music critic, and recently won his first Peabody for his contribution to the fight against Ebola in 2014. You can find some of his related work against the fight here.

While all of this seems altogether quite serious, Sami is clearly an individual who can maintain some sort of work-play balance with shocking endurance. He has been throwing parties in DC for years, but most recently has found incredible success in his involvement with Roam alongside Morgan Tepper and Chris Nitti. Roam's popularity has snowballed so much that the room fills up almost immediately and remains full until closing time. It showcases a variety of different local DJs and offers the hungry electronic community a safe haven for techno. 

As if that weren't enough, Sami co-founded 1432 R, a label that has garnered global interest quickly for being the first platform for Ethiopiyawi, or Ethiopian Electronic music which was invented and modernized by Mikael Seifu and Endegeuna Mulu. The reason then that this mix, named Down The Holy Well, is especially interesting, is the amount of unreleased 1432 R buried in its groove. Listeners can hear a glimpse of the future, straight from the 1432 R vault itself. 

DJ Mix: Sami Y - Down the Holy Well

Extended Family is a mix series curated by ZEM SU YUNG that features selectors from the Washington DC area and it's surrounding suburbs, otherwise known as the DMV. Digital downloads of every mix and accompanying tracklist will always be offered for free. 

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