EF7 Max D: Def Listening


Extended Family 7: Def Listening
Max D


??? + Robert Ashley - Practical Anarchism
Stereolab - Prisoner of Mars
Dogg Pound - Big Pimpin (Instrumental)
Michael Redolfi - Immersion Partiele
Dettinger - Track 03 (From Oasis)
Knxwledge - Shuremng (Intro Snip)
Harumi Hosono - Heliotherapy 1
Don't DJ - Hexentrix (Jordan GCZ Remix)
Michael Redolfi - Immersion Partiele
Domenique Dumont - L'espirit de L'escalier
Xavier Jouvelet - Oeuf En Clock
Terreke - 01 / Robert Ashley - Practical Anarchism
Terekke - 03


It is near impossible to discuss anything with Andrew Field-Pickering without receiving a matter of fact, rational response. Also known as Max D (and as Dolo Percussion, and as 1/2 of the Beautiful Swimmers), Field-Pickering's factual and straightforward attitude permeates his entire vibration. It is hardly a surprise to hear him describe some of his earliest relationships to music characterized with a sense of wonder and eagerness to understand, to pick out parts of songs and contemplate the processes of their creation. His music benefits greatly from this logical attitude as well - every part is in its place, with no superfluous components to smudge the energy. Max D has the ability to make even the most complicated and frenetic drum riffs sound effortless, practical, certain. 


Even when discussing the inception of Future Times, a behemoth of the underground dance imprints in Washington DC, all of the choices are presented empirically. It is as if the music that Field-Pickering and his friends had collected during the time had made the choice to start a record label as straightforward and simple as could be imagined. Since it's birth in 2008, Max D has spearheaded the efforts to release a whopping 29 records, a number of which he was an essential part of the production of the music itself. These records have accumulated earnest and enthusiastic international support, clearly showing that the reach of Future Times and Andrew Field Pickering far exceeds the small district that is our nation's capital. 


Max D presents Def Listening, the 8th installment of Extended Family; warm and hazy, it is a mix inspired by air conditioned car rides in the swampy summer heat of DC, guaranteed to make you melt.  

Stay on the look out for Vibe 3, the upcoming compilation from the Future Times crew, replete with cuts from DC natives and Max D himself. Also, watch for "Boost", Field-Pickering's next LP which is scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2015. 

Follow Max D on Twitter or Soundcloud, or sign up for his mailing list at futuretimesrecords@gmail.com

DJ Mix: Max D - Def Listening

Extended Family is a mix series curated by ZEM SU YUNG that features selectors from the Washington DC area and it's surrounding suburbs, otherwise known as the DMV. Digital downloads of every mix and accompanying tracklist will always be offered for free. 

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