EF4 Aaron Leitko: Rainbow Waves/Whistling Eyes

photo by Kyle Gustafson

photo by Kyle Gustafson

Extended Family 4: Rainbow Waves/Whistling Eyes
Aaron Leitko


Michel Redolfi - Pacific Tubular Waves
Lifted - 3D
Maria - 不自由な鼠 
Jordan GCZ - Lushlyfe Slap
Nuron - Eau Rouge
Sparky - 94Archive6/12
Steve Summers - Anhedonia
Vanio / Väisänen / Vega - Red Lights Down
Unknown Artist
Randomer - Kids Play
Jahiliyya Fields - Clear Collar
Protect-U - Just Traces
James Place - Behind Windows
Moebius - Traurige Zita
Michel Redolfi - Pacific Tubular Waves
Al & The Kid - The Planet of Love 

Extended Family is proud to host Aaron Leitko for its 5th mix of the series. Aaron seems to live and breathe in rhythm and tone; budding musicians can learn a lot from Aaron's complex influences. He references free jazz, computer music, psychedelic and garage rock as being major contributors to his sound. He also spends a lot of his time listening to experimental synthesizer music, on top of the work of Future Times (DC), 1432 R (DC), and L.I.E.S. (NYC). The only common denominator with all of these genres is that they strongly value ingenuity and experimentation, character traits that can be plainly seen in Aaron's overall demeanor. 

Aaron has exceptional taste. It is no surprise that he has been a steady contributor to Pitchfork, the City Paper, and the Washington Post, among others since 2005. He generally writes about rock and is interested in how bands are driven by local scenes, and how they can exploit internet based music coverage. It's not so different from the electronic scene, a genre where he publishes most of his own work. Aaron is, after all, one half of Protect-U, alongside Mike Petillo, who debuted Extended Family back in February. Aaron and Mike are currently working on an EP due for release later this year. 

Aaron is versatile in surprising ways. His resume includes scoring dances for a modern choreographer as well as handling the press for Dischord, a legendary label from DC. He also has taught himself how to solder, a skill that is useful for tinkering with his growing collection of synthesizers. 

Leitko is full of surprises, and his mix Rainbow Waves/Whistling Eyes is no exception. It is a delightful collage guaranteed to uplift. 

Listen to Protect-U's Distored (Future Times) track from their Free USA LP here.

photo by Kyle Gustavson

photo by Kyle Gustavson

DJ Mix: Aaron Leitko - Rainbow Waves/Whistling Eyes

Extended Family is a mix series curated by ZEM SU YUNG that features selectors from the Washington DC area and it's surrounding suburbs, otherwise known as the DMV. Digital downloads of every mix and accompanying tracklist will always be offered for free. 

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