EF3 DJ Lisa Frank: Sami's House


Extended Family 3: Sami's House
DJ Lisa Frank


SB* - The Washint
Yvo Zanev - Tripping (Alex Fuente Take Trip Remix)
Siopis - Hand In The Sand
Timothy Blake - Squiggles (The Mole Remix)
Fumihiko Takei - Borderline
Sebastien Leger - DXB
Tornado Wallace - Ferntree Gully
Roman Fluegel - Sliced Africa

DJ Lisa Frank (Morgan Tepper), a household name in the electronic scene of Washington DC, has garnered an almost cult like following in the electronic world of our nations capital and it is easy to see why after catching her spin live. A steady dance floor seems to be inseparably paired with her hard hitting, techno set. 

Extended Family would not be complete without this Queen of The Good Time. 

Perhaps a rebellious response to her first encounters with music which consisted of the rigid and methodical regimen of the Suzuki piano method, Tepper has branded herself with wild, saturated colors of love and light (How fitting, then, that her moniker is inspired from the stylized, psychedelic illustrator who was so popular in the 80s and 90s). Nothing about her demeanor behind the decks, however, is fluorescent. She mixes punchy selections without missing a beat and her tenacious focus on the vibe is undeniable. It is an attitude you can feel on the dance floors of U Street Music Hall, the world renowned DC dance club where she worked for years, which led her to her current DJ career. 

While she has been recently playing more often in NY as well (find her on the 18th of this month at the Good Room in Brooklyn), she relentlessly promotes the local scene of DC most notably with Roam - a party that she develops alongside Chris Nitti (U Street Music Hall) and Sami Yenigun (1432 R). 

Roam is a party made up of a hodge podge collection of venues and DJs - it literally 'roams' around DC, with throngs of loyal party freaks following its wake, whether it's a day long outdoor summer fete or a moody and deep after hours jam leading into the early hours of the morning. Roam is executed with a razor like professionalism (ripened no doubt by the well oiled machine that is U Street Music Hall) to provide the DC community with a relief from a conventional club atmosphere while maintaining an awe inspiring level of fun. The fact that their lineup changes with every party not only makes each event sound distinctively different but offers a platform for a variety of different local DJs to show off their crate. Roam is truly special. No wonder then that this mix is dedicated to the location of where the party was born!  

Stream DJ Lisa Frank's remix for Outputmessage here.

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DJ Mix: DJ Lisa Frank - Sami's House - EF3

Extended Family is a mix series curated by ZEM SU YUNG that features selectors from the Washington DC area and it's surrounding suburbs, otherwise known as the DMV. Digital downloads of every mix and accompanying tracklist will always be offered for free. 

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