EF22 Jett Chandon: Quiet no. 9


Extended Family 22: Quiet No. 9
Jett Chandon


Jett Chandon -  Julia (Unreleased)
Asusu - Sendak
Morphologist - Silverback (Unreleased)
He/aT - I’ve been Thrown Out Of Better Places Than This
Pangea - One By One
Ansome - Tony (Original mix)
Farceb - Phase Modulation (Original Mix)
Jett Chandon - A Strawberry into a Wolf (Unreleased)
Ansome - Snake eyes (O-V-R Remix)
Pump Panel - Planet of Drums
KMA Productions - Phantasy Trip
Tuff Jam - Key Dub
Groove Connektion 2 - Club Lonely (Nice ’N’ Ripe Dub)
Nuke - Kamikaze (Ben Sims Remix)
The Prodigy - Everybody In The Place (Fairground Remix) 
MM - QBT16
Jett Chandon - Hunters (Unreleased)
Rebekah - Orbital
Clouds - Polegate Slamen
Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella Radio Edit)
Mella Dee - Circular
Blame - Haunted
Jett Chandon - Rays Of Ejecta (Unreleased)


Jett Chandon, real name Tara Algios, grew up in Queens obsessed with the strong female vocals of Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey while taking voice lessons and memorizing music video choreography. Her tastes moved to hardcore and metal as she grew older before finally being introduced to dance music shortly after college. Since learning how to DJ and taking some introductory production passes, Algios has been continuing to cut and carve away to focus in on her sound. For the past year she has been quietly hard at work in efforts to push her solo productions to the next level while staying avidly interested in collaborating with others. It is a natural transition for the budding DJ/professional make up artist who has felt a strong affinity for music her entire life, even as she became a classically trained opera singer during her undergraduate years at Liberty University. 

Algios' initial explorations into dance music brought her to the world of garage and 2-step, and she continues to blend garage into her DJ sets in with techno and bass. Extended Family mix 22, paradoxically named Quiet No. 9, is a reflection of this high energy, peak time vibe that is lucky to include four original tracks from this strong selector. 

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Catch her Nov 12th at the Flash Bar for the SpreadLove Project's one year anniversary.