EF20 Josh Levi: The Power of Negative Thinking


Extended Family 20: The Power of Negative Thinking
Josh Levi


Pak - Live at Apop Records (excerpt)
Cube - Favorite
Beatrice Dillon - Face A
DJ Richard - Nighthawk
Orgonon Pit - Osmic Frqncy
Radiator Greys - Empath
Ciarra Black - Sudden Movement
Cienfuegos - Trabajito
Ice (fka Black James) - Lie Down 4Ever
Samantha Vacation - Untitled
Fatima Al Qadiri - Oil Well
Unguent - Otiose Pos (excerpt)
Trust Image - Sun

Josh Levi has a reputation in Washington DC as being a generally over all really good guy. In an industry where often goodness in character is undervalued and unappreciated, the nation's capital should be proud to boast of it's denizens who have found a kind and compassionate rhythm in which to live and work.

Underneath this kind exterior, Levi seems to be a bit of a gear junkie (much like so many of the other Extended Family members). During the day, Josh works in the custom Audio/Video industry, building high-end and handmade stereo tube amplifiers for Linear Tube Audio. During the evenings, Josh co-runs Select DC, a promotions company which he founded in 2013 with a friend shortly after Levi moved to the city from St. Louis. Select DC intends to bring avant-garde and experimental electronic music to the District, a lot of stuff which otherwise might not otherwise get booked. Although Josh cites disco mixes and R&B radio stations and rap legends such as Bone Thugs & Harmony as being some of his earliest influences, Select DC makes consistent efforts to enrich the musical landscape of this city by focusing mainly on noise and techno. On top of his focus on music, Josh works in photography and collage (which he hopes to present in a series of zines soon) as well as writing and editorial work (which we may see in the form of a music magazine in the future). 

As time goes on, Levi hopes that the diversity of crews and sounds in DC become ever more connected with each other, as he witnesses a vibrant and rich music scene that often seems segregated by specific tastes and vibes. It seems like there is a lot about this town that Josh loves to support. He speaks fondly of the intensely wonderful and supportive work of Luke Stewart as well as the Future Times crew, run by Extended Family member Andrew Field Pickering. 

Catch Josh performing at Puffers in Providence at the end of the month and Cheap Fest in Richmond in October. Josh has also been working on a noise/soundscape project called Radiator Greys which will be released on Primitive Language (New York) next year.

Follow Josh on Instagram @touchfreak and on Twitter @joshlevi. 
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