EF1 Mike Petillo: Frog In The Coffee Pot

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Extended Family 1: Frog In The Coffee Pot
Mike Petillo


Ben Jenkins - F11ExD
Mark Shreeve - Thoughts of War
Unknown Artist - DNA Poem
Supa Wes & Junior Bapp - Lyrics Designer
Mix-O-Rap - For Thugz
Colourbox feat. Lorita Grahame - Baby I Love You So
Nikki - Feel The Music (Do That Dance) (Dub Mix)
Moon B - Neither Here Nor Where
Black Traxx - Dreamin'
Transllusion - Do You Want To Get Down?
Dario Zenker - Mörsin
Nick Jones - Move Your Feet
Unknown Artist - Holding Hands
Hiroshi Morohasi - Minimal Code
Kreem feat. Jennifer Kendall - Now Is The Time (Claude Youngs Low Key Mix)
Steve Murphy - Sun Flight
Ivvvo - Fear
Unknown Artist - I Feel Love

Extended Family launches with a mix from Mike Petillo, arguably the most underrated DJ and musician in the city of Washington DC. Petillo is 1/2 of Protect-U alongside Aaron Leitko - they released their Free USA LP on the DC imprint Future Times in 2014, a prolific label that Petillo has helped manage alongside Andrew Field-Pickering for the last 6 years.

Petillo's 'Frog In The Coffee Pot' mix is a clear example of his musical wisdom - it stretches and slinks between ethereal patches of hope and paranoid dread with graceful fluidity. Petillo manages to weave some esoteric tracks into an accessible program, proving his mastery as one of the finest selectors in the District.

Follow Mike Petillo on Twitter @WorldMusaics
Check out Protect-U's Free USA LP here.

DJ Mix: Mike Petillo - Frog In The Coffee Pot - EF1

Extended Family is a mix series curated by ZEM SU YUNG that features selectors from the Washington DC area and it's surrounding suburbs, otherwise known as the DMV. Digital downloads of every mix and accompanying tracklist will always be offered for free. 

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