EF18 DJ Sleepy G: Spaceship Clementine


Extended Family 18: Spaceship Clementine
DJ Sleepy G


DKMA - Something About You
Cherie Lee - Love Me or Leave Me
Glenn Underground - Black Action
Pepe Bradock - Burning Hot
George Benson - World is a Ghetto
Suzo Saiz - Se Que Estas Ahi
Jayda G - Dreamstate
Omar S - Just Ask The Lonely
Callisto - Resistance
June - Lost Area (DJ Sprinkles' Lost Dancefloor, orig. ver.)
Callisto - Need Ur Love (Stalagmite Mix)
Karizma - The Power
The Blackbyrds - Dreaming About You

Shirley Galbiati might be shy when you first meet her. She might be more comfortable letting other people shine as she quietly observes the room. On the dance floor however, it is an entirely different story. Galbiati is a striking and beautiful dancer, conveying strength and grace. It is an alter ego, a hidden persona that can only be unlocked through the goodness of a tight groove. While you might not guess at meeting her, her love for dance music becomes unquestionable once you see her dance. 

Sleepy G is a relative newcomer to the electronic music scene. She only had been introduced to the underground dance music community in late 2014, but quickly enveloped herself in the grooves of house and disco. Her vinyl collecting started in early 2015 at the legendary Gramaphone in Chicago, and quickly ballooned into an obsession. Now, only a year later, Galbiati owns (and co-owns with her boyfriend DJ Freez, who joined Extended Family last month) over two thousand records.

Shirley cut her teeth DJing at a party in Boston called Pink Noise, amidst a tight-knit support network of women (and individuals identifying as non binary). As she entered the dance music scene, she was lucky enough to be surrounded by women who have made her feel safe and welcome, supported and valued. Whether introverted or outgoing, this sort of tenderness and love was reliable fertilizer for building efficacy in herself and her peers, and under this caring tutelage, Sleepy G has blossomed with the confidence of a seasoned DJ.

It makes sense that she's such a quick learner. Galbiati's whip smart. She completed her undergraduate degree at MIT before beginning her graduate degree in Biostatistics at Harvard. She is currently residing in DC to work on a research project at John's Hopkins. 

Since Pink Noise, Sleepy G has played at a conference in Burlington, Vermont on dismantling rape culture, as well as a queer dance party called Break the Chains in Boston. Her attraction (intentional or not) to using her music in spaces that are concerned with social change indicate to her belief in the transformative and healing powers of music. Even as a newcomer, she is already thinking about ways that she can give back to the scene. She's ardently interested in throwing "fundraver" parties to make the world a better place, using dance music as an escape while keeping sight of the things that we as humans are trying to escape from. 

For someone who hasn't been in the game long, Galbiati's taste is truly impeccable. She lists influences such as Dana Kelley (Callisto, DKMA, Krimp), the Mizell brothers, Spencer Kincy, Theo Parrish, and Dj Sprinkles. Her taste is unbelievably reliable and consistent, and she is always good for a solid recommendation. 

Keep an eye out for Sleepy G. She'll be with Robin Lohrey at Dr. Clocks in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington DC on July 23rd, alongside DJ Freez and Mike Petillo. You can also catch her at the next Technofeminism party at Bossa Nova Civic Club in Brooklyn. 

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