EF17 DJ Freez: A Hug 4 U


Extended Family 17: A Hug 4 U
DJ Freez


David Sylvian, Jon Hassell, Steve Janse, Holger Czukay - Pt. 3. Awakening
Will DiMaggio - Fusion (Broadcast Mix)
Metro - Brownstone Express
Minimal Vision - Milky Way
Hot Quisine - Keep That Same Old Feeling
DJ Technics - Mixwit #1
Tim "Love" Lee - The Tortoise (Sex Tags Mania NYC Mix)
DJ Technics - Can't Stand The Beat
Donald O. - Deeper (Original Vocal)
Chris Gray - Sweetness You Bring
Quentin Harris & Robert Owens - Always (Reel Soul Mix)
Namy feat. Josh Milan - From Now On
Hill - Delicate Rose
Plunky and the Oneness of Juju - Always Have To Say Goodbye

DJ Freez, or Zach Freed, is a legislative staffer for a Congressman here in Washington DC. He also happens to own over three thousand records (a big part of that number comes from a shared collection that Zach hoards with his equally tasteful and music obsessive girlfriend, DJ Sleepy G). His parents met at classical music summer camp and he can work a bass guitar. He grew up listening to the sounds of his father practicing the violin and bought a turntable when he turned thirteen with bar mitzvah money, promptly purchasing an MF Doom record afterwards. All of this factual information could seem like a familiar identity to some: a kid raised in a house with musicians grows up to be a compulsive and ardent collector and musician himself. This story at a surface level seems utterly reasonable but there is much more to understand. It is difficult to truly explain how special Zach is unless you take the time to get to know him past his shy and somewhat distracted exterior. 

Without a doubt, DJ Freez embodies an enthusiasm about music that is both refreshing and reassuring. It's almost as if he doesn't really know how to be an unsupportive or negative person - love and empathy is just his default mode. This is a DJ who genuinely wants to see his friends shine (Just take a look at this list of individuals he wants to give a shout out to: "Sleepy G, Sami Y, Joyce L, Dawit E, Ari G, Max D, Will D, Brian P, Tanya L, Bebe Ya Ma, Cole E, Nina BC, Carlo M, POI, J Albert, DJ Mike, Mike P, Aaron L, Ben J, Ben M, Jacob K, Rob F, Van H, Coby D, Naveen R, Trevor K, C-Rob, Dan L, Ian McC, lil' Bean, Stevie L, Oscar H, Tupac*, Robin L, Boss Ross, Daniel M, the mighty Vague Output crew, whole Great Tunes fam, and anyone who listens to this mix ;)").

This love comes through in his musical tastes as well. If you ask him about his inspirations, he is quick to name 1432 R, Future Times, Exotic Dance Records, Partial Magic, and Proibito - labels which are largely operated by his friends. Zach is a genuine and stalwart supporter of fresh and innovative musical ideas while retaining his own valuable preferences. He is all at once accepting and inclusive and curious - just as eager to share his knowledge with others as he is ready to learn from different experiences and perspectives. This openness and generosity has not come without reward, as Zach's knowledge in music runs wide and deep. With selectors like Zach in this city, the future of DC dance music looks bright and welcoming. 

Freez is a co-founder of Foot Therapy, which he describes as a semi-regular party meant to showcase underground music that may not otherwise get played in DC. He started Foot Therapy with a few friends (Extended Family member Ben Jenkins being one of them, listen to Ben's mix here) about two years ago in a small nook in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of DC. Some of the artists they've booked includes Sweet n' Lo (Dj Wey & Will DiMaggio), Max D (another Extended Family member, listen to his mix here), Masahiro Ueda, Further Reductions, and Hank Jackson. You can catch Foot Therapy at the Flash bar on July 2nd featuring DJ Sleepy G as well as at Dr. Clock's Nowhere Bar on July 23rd with Robin Lohrey who is slotted to play a live house music set using a Juno, MPC, and 303.  

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*Tupac is the name of a house cat owned by Extended Family curator Zem SuYung, Zach will give him a shout out even if Tupac can never know or understand what a shout out even is, this is a measure of the reach of Zach's unconditional kindness!