EF16 Anna Nasty


Extended Family 16: RhythM Radar
Anna Nasty


Drinking Electricity - Good Times (12" Remix)
The Dance - Do Dada
Thick Pigeon - Babcock + Wilcox
Swamp Children - Call Me Honey
Bound & Gagged - Chains & Polymers
Judy Nylon - Jailhouse Rock
Julie Jumper - Rhythm Radar
Flowers - After Dark
Christiane F. - Wunderbar
Annie Anxiety AKA Little Annie - Third Gear Kills
Bona Dish - 8am
Pylon - Yo Yo
Lio - Le Banana Split (Long Version)

Anna Nasty has traveled a long way to find themselves at the forefront of Washington D.C.'s experimental music community. They were born in the Philippines but grew up near Los Angeles, California, moving to Phoenix, Arizona, before winding up in Washington. When they were only six months old, Anna was taken to a Grateful Dead concert, although they have no memory of it. Their earliest musical memory is of being wrapped up in the pop songs of their mother's karaoke machine. As Anna started a deeper, more personal exploration of music, their interest in acts like Aaliyah, TLC, and The Cure progressed as they buried themselves in the harder edges of punk.

Their own music explores punk, hardcore, and post-punk sounds. Currently they perform as Olivia Neutron-John and in Chain & the Gang. Anna's alter ego, Olivia Neutron-John, explores themes of loss and grief in a synth pop/post punk space. O-N-J layers heavy vocals, sometimes screaming, over stripped down, smooth instrumentation: arpeggiated sin waves and simple drum patterns. Their debut LP, INJURY TRAIN AND I'M NEVER GETTING OFF IT / VULNERABILITY, was released in 2014. 

As a DJ, Anna works politics into their grooves with the sort of wild combination of strength and vulnerability that can only be found in a feminist point of view. They draw heavily from the female side of punk's history, debunking the idea that punk is a space only for men. Anna becomes a historian, telling the story of women who have continually been innovators of music but who have received little credit.

While music that only speaks politics might seem intense and stiff, Anna rounds the energy out with their insistence of a parallel goal, which is to dance and have fun - truly a respectful and fitting tribute to the punk heroines of past. This is just as much about joy as it is a recount of history.

If you live in Washington DC, you can catch Anna on Radio CPR 101.7 on every fourth Monday from 9 - 11 PM on their RhythM RadaR show. Stream the show online here. You can catch Anna DJing live at Bossa May 27th. 

Follow Anna on InstagramBandcamp, or on their personal website. Contact Anna via email at annanxsty@gmail.com.