EF15 Jim Thomson: Crown Vic's Weird World


Extended Family 15: Crown Vic's Weird World
Jim Thomson


Melaku Gelaw - Misgana (Praise)
Baaba Maal - Call to Prayer
Amanar de Kidal - Intro
Buyepongo - Multatu Para Ti Sample
La Mecanica Popular - Montame en La Tormenta
King Sunny Ade- Sunny Ti De Ariya
The Whitefield Brothers - Savannahstan
Hailu Mergia - Yegle Nesha
Wollyu Dutamu - Eybelundy Eybelu
Abba Garagando - Inor in Tadalat
Trio Select - Ensemble
The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - Pimp
Pedo Miguel Y Sus Maracaibos - Descarga Marcaibo
Baba Commandant & The Mandingo Band - Tile
Asiko - Drums of Asiko
Francois Lougah - Bravo Sostra
Rachid King - Si Useme
Michel Bagoe - Oule Colle
Debo Band - Gedawo (Kiddid Gedubwo Mix)
Kimio Eto - Choryu (The Current)

The 15th installment of Extended Family comes from Jim Thomson, who in the city of Washington DC hardly needs introduction. It is tricky to say what he is best known for in this town - whether it was that he was a founding member of legendary experimental rock band GWAR, his genre crossing boutique record label Electric Cowbell, or his multicultural booking agency Multiflora Productions. Jim works in every corner of the business. He can help you with artist management, studio recording, event marketing, and music publishing, and can play the drums guitar. He can also lay down a magically cosmic set using strictly 45s. 

Electric Cowbell Records, the label he founded in 2009, releases most of their records on 45s; Jim admits its a bit of a fetish. But the fetish grew from a fatigue of what digital choices offered. While being able to send a ginormous file full of music can be convenient in some cases, it can also seem seriously overwhelming. The limitations of only being able to play a side of a record for four minutes was appealing to Jim, and still frames his preference. He thinks that being able to rock a room with a little box of records is more than just really cool, it shows a commitment from the DJ to the entire experience. The tactile sensations of picking up a needle and putting it down again are something to be cared for. 

Jim grew up on a small apple orchard about 70 miles west of DC outside of Front Royal, Virginia. DC was the closest metropolitan area to his home, and as a teenager he started to come within the district's limits to dig for records and come to shows. Jim finally settled here four years ago, and now considers the city home. The international population is perfect for Jim's musical temperament. He pulls influences from all over the world, and so the possibilities of cross-cultural fertilization are exciting to him. The shows he books and the music he publishes on Electric Cowbell Records reflect this international interest. Find Jim and you find Turkish folk, Ethiopian Jazz, and Jamaican reggae. 

Jim played drums for GWAR, Alter-Natives, Bio Ritmo, and CSC Funk band, but currently plays in the DC based band Time Is Fire. He books for Bossa, Tropicalia, Capital Fringe, DC Public Libraries, the Hill Center, and various festivals. Find him at Tropicalia on April 12th to see Fanfare Ciocarlia, or at the Fringe Festival this summer on June 25th and 26th. On May 20th you can find him at Tropicalia with the Debo Band from Boston, with Dawit Eklund and DJ Underdog. Time Is Fire will play at Galaxy Hut on April 12th with legendary producer Martin Bisi. For new music, Electric Cowbell plans on releasing a 7" from local Ethiopian jazz group Feedel Band as well as Dos Santos Antibeat Orchestra from Chicago. Clearly, there's no shortage of Jim in the DC music world. 

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