EF14 The NeedlExchange: Love Rant


Extended Family 14: Love Rant
The NeedlExchange


Radiohead - Meeting In The Aisle (ANA More Friendly Edit)
Takuya Matsumoto - An Oriental Tale
Liz Torres - Love Chant
In Flagranti - Headrush
Takuya Matsumoto - Rain Flower
Tabu Ley Rochereau - Hafi Deo
Bag Fries - Mvula (Baronhawk Poitier Version)
Sochi Terada - Hohai Beats
Atjazz - Does This Qualify
Garrett David & Adam Rowe - Summit (Smashed Mix)
Headless Ghost - SP3
Dawit Eklund - Lies Are Chic
Cymande - Dove

Bil Todd, Tommy Cornelis, and Baronhawk Poitier met in 2012 at U Street Music Hall and tumbled onto the same wavelength with a natural and quick affinity. When the TNX (The NeedlExchange) guys found each other, not only were they drawn together by their tastes, but also happily due to their sexual orientation. While dance music's roots began in the gay community, Gay DJs in Washington DC who play soulful disco, underground house, and techno are few and far between. The friendship became a rejuvenating oasis and snowballed quickly into a beacon of unity and strength: the tenets of dance music.

Their three perspectives combine to a singular vision, with each member bringing a variety of influences to the table. Ask about their musical diet, and they could spew deep knowledge of RnB, go-go, hip hop, soul, jazz, pop, hardcore, punk, classical, or showtunes - the list goes on and on. On Love Rant, these influences hide in the shadows giving way to a steady 4/4 and a danceable groove. It's a mellower take on house, peppered with heavy hitters. 

Not only does this crew have a refreshing, insistent curiosity for music, they also create safe spaces with their monthly parties at Zeba Bar. They regularly fill rooms with TNX loyalists and keep things fresh by bringing in headliners of all different backgrounds - Zem Su Yung (1432 R, Extended Family), Aaron Clark (Hot Mass, PGH), Sam 'The Man' Burns, and Mark Louque (Fag/Bash) are a few of the names to have graced their stage. TNX is insistent on maintaining an environment free from racism, misogyny, ageism, transphobia, body shaming, sexism, or "anything from closed minds or hearts with hate."  Their focus is on acceptance and positivity, and Cornelis says that he considers TNX not just a group of three, but an entire community. 

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