EF13 Steve Summers: Commuter Fantasies


Extended Family 13: Commuter Fantasies
Steve Summers


Manhunter - The Creepy Guy Behind the Bushes (excerpt)
Gherkin Jerks - Midi Beats
Marcus Mixx - I'm Home
Sendex - Do You Really?
Mutant Beat Dance - Another World
Paul Du Lac - Blow Back
DJ Jackmaster Charles - T-N-E- "Taris"
Allen Wright - Sodium
Raheem Hershel - Gotta Have The Pokey
Theo Parrish - Synthetic Flemm
Vainqueur - Elevation (Version 1)
Hieroglyphic Being - The Mysteries of Life
Sound Stream - Motion
Tim 'Love' Lee - The Tortoise
Metro - Rush Hour
Der Zyklus - Formenverwandler
Alice Coltrane - Rama Rama
Vainqueur - Elevation (Version 2)
Manhunter - The Creepy Guy Behind The Bushes (excerpt 2)

Extended Family would not be complete without the contribution of Jason Letkiewicz, who has lately worked under moniker Steve Summers but is also known for his work as Alan Hurst, Confused House, Death Commando, Malvoeaux, Rhythm Based Lovers, Sensual Beings, Innergaze, Manhunters, and Two Dogs In A House. As it may sound from that list alone, Jason is a truly prolific producer. He holds bragging rights for a whopping thirteen releases since 2009 on labels such as Confused House (which he founded), L.I.E.S., Nation, PPU, Thug Record, Hotmix Records, Going Home Records, and Clone Jack for Daze.

Letkiewicz grew up in the Washington DC suburbs of Montgomery County, Maryland and got his start in electronic music with Extended Family member Ari Goldman when they started their Manhunter project. Their first release was essentially a 13 minute live jam they distributed to friends via a 3" CD-R. They were joined by another Extended Family member, Max D, for their first DJ night called Reach Up which was held in the back room of Black Cat on 14th Street in NW DC. With his more recent solo projects, Jason uses essentially an all hardware set up to lead audiences through various auditory expeditions, all with the personal touch of whichever alias he happens to be using. Letkiewicz clearly finds a sense of liberation from his many different personas. He can switch and sort the vibes based on what he's experiencing, allowing audiences to interact with his sound from a number of different perspectives. Versatility is the name of the game, here, and it's evidently played by someone who has much to offer. Listening to the music from Alan Hurst is distinctly different (albeit gnawingly familiar in some ways) to the music of Rhythm Based Lovers. It's clear that these outlets are used for different intentions. They are masterfully conducted with the smooth gusto of a seasoned pro. 

Watch out for a new Rhythm Based Lovers 12" on Future Times in the next few months! Also, the monthly Confused House night at Bossa Nova, NY is highly recommended. 

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