EF11 Ari Goldman: My Dog Stevie


Extended Family 11: My Dog Stevie
Ari Goldman


John Coltrane - Dearly Beloved
Iasos - The Bubble Massage
Vladislav Delay - Anima (D)
DJ Sotofett - Tdd-Dddrr-Ipp Mix (Alternative Mix feat. Fit)
DJ Amigos - Anthem Para La Club
Herb Alpert - North On South St. (Late Night Massive Sound Remix)
DJ Fett Burger & Jayda G - NYC Party Track
Naomi Daniel - Feel the Fire (Chez-N Trent Dub)
Dawit Eklund - Litchi Juice
DJ Oji & Una - We Lift Our Hands In The Sanctuary (Friday Night @ The Sanctuary)
Pepe Bradock - Abul-Abbas
Neo Image - So
Sunday School - House Is A Feeling
Petit Pays - Santa Maria (Rap)
Barry Biggs - Love Come Down


There remains few better than Ari Goldman to help Extended Family conclude the fantastic year that was 2015. Similar to other Extended Family members, Ari has been involved with music since he was very young, playing in bands and collecting records obsessively. This obsession only grew as he did, and now Ari can claim to own over 10,000 records. Being consumed by vinyl probably helped Ari land the job at the legendary Earcave with Andrew Morgan (PPU). Ari helps run operations for Earcave - his responsibilities include everything from packing records to making sound clips to advertising recommended records via his social media platforms.

Not only is Ari a serious collector, he has been in various production groups like Manhunter (alongside Steve Summers) and Beautiful Swimmers (alongside Max D). His productions are buoyant and effervescent, they command dance floors to swing along without oppression. Ari himself is entrancing to watch behind the decks. His normally goofy demeanor transforms into a bucking and wild, grooving and slamming master of the turntable finesse. 

In 2016, you can watch out for new productions from the Beautiful Swimmers. Ari also has expressed interest in releasing solo production projects as well as potential for his own label. For all DC fans, make sure to catch the Future Times Holiday Party at U Street Music Hall on December 23rd, featuring Mood Hut and Future Times heavy hitter Jack J.

Shop through Ari's collection here.