EF10 Chris Nitti: One Take


Extended Family 10: One Take
Chris Nitti


Varg - Nastrond
Clay Wilson - E4
Dasha Rush - 
Ocean Sharp
Answer Code Request - Dust 0.2
Fairmont - Gazebo
Jennifer Cardini & Shonky - August In Paris
Ralph Lawson, Carl Finlow, Tuccillo - Throb
Robag Wruhme - Cybekks
Benjamin Brunn - Queen Mary
Royber - Collectively
Endian - Juno Arps

In April and June of 2015, Extended Family was fortunate to receive contributions from Morgan Tepper (DJ Lisa Frank) and Sami Yenigun respectively. Both work closely with Chris Nitti and have heralded Nitti as being essential to Roam's success. For those who may have missed it from previous posts, Roam remains a triumphant beacon of all inclusive all hours dance mania in Washington DC. Roam is an experience unlike any other currently offered here. It's dance floors grow maniacally as the night turns in creative spaces that only seem to out do each other, programmed with local talent both musically and visually. The massive light projections orchestrated most recently by DC artist John Alfred Tyson (capsaicin) are a vibrant backdrop to the soundtracks chosen by 100% DC DJ stock. Roam is a victory shared by hundreds of DC oddballs thirsty for new experiences and sounds. Roam, simply put, is just so much fun. 

The fun you have at Roam will likely distract you from it's underlying, absolute, razor sharp professionalism. Everything from the staff, layout of the party, electrical logistics (big picture stuff) is coordinated along with a shocking amount of minute little details. Making sure the DJ's have a padded mat to stand on, for example, so that their knees are comfortable and safe from the unforgiving hardness of a concrete warehouse floor, remains to some extents less obvious but delightfully important. The care that is taken of such a detail feels undoubtedly like the type of thoroughness that can only be expected when you are witnessing someone's passion project. 

All of this could not be done without the indefatigable work of Chris Nitti.

Years ago, Chris Nitti met Will Eastman and started writing for his blog until he was eventually offered a full time job at U Street Music Hall to assist with bookings. He now programs all DJ nights at club, which is debatably the best venue to listen to music in the city. The operations of U Street Music Hall, known just as much for its easy moving grace as it is for its music, must have been an influence on the way that Nitti runs Roam. Everything is in its place. Nothing is where it shouldn't be. Perhaps equally as significant in Nitti's perspective was a study abroad trip in college to Berlin, notably one of the party capitals of the world. These experiences, paired with Nitti's unstoppable work ethic, created the machine that he is today. Chris' seriousness for a job well done corresponds with his fierce loyalty to dance music and the DC scene. Ask him yourself: he will evangelize about the healing powers of music and its true potential for uplifting transcendence. He will emphasize the importance of acceptance and gratitude and humility. He will fight to protect the safe spaces in the city away from the threats of extinction. He is a born champion for the electronic music rager.  

Roam X is November 21st, but early bird tickets are already sold out! Get your tickets here: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?770360