EF28 Dreamcast: Between Water

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Extended Family 28: Between Water


Peven Everett - stuck (original mix)
Paid In Full Sample
Matthieu Faubourg - Rue Lanterne
Manuel Tur + Dplay - Deviate
Laszlo Dancehall - Fatty Que
Mall Grab - Father
Paradiso Rythem - Midnight Scenes
Hustle Man Sample
D'angelo - Brown Sugar
Groove Theory - Tell Me
Junior - Mama Used To Say
Dreamcast - Lonely Hearts Club (prod. cstng) 
Dreamcast - Liquid Deep (prod. sasac) 
Dreamcast - Summer Love (prod. sasac)

In the summer of 2014, on a scorching summer evening, the Beautiful Swimmers, Protect U, and Andrew Morgan were hauling in gear and setting up sound and lighting in a teetering row house on Sherman Avenue where Sami Yenigun and Dawit Eklund of 1432 R were both residing. I remember Andrew Morgan remarking to me how great he is at finding parking in DC as I helped him pull records out of the back of his trunk right in front of the house. I remember telling him that might be the most boring super power I had ever heard of and with a shared grin we both headed up the concrete stairs, framed by weeds and overgrown with bits of insistent greenery bursting through the cement.

It was Wednesday, and an impromptu party was being thrown hastily together due to word that the legendary streaming party that is Boiler Room was planning on coming to film the crew get down. We were excited. We pasted the walls with flyers, hooked up projections of grainy footage, covered the windows with colored plastic paper, and prayed to the party gods that the power wouldn't blow out. 

Boiler Room has an international following, and DC isn't really recognized as a hub for art in the world, and so it wasn't hard to get the house filled with buzzing people who had just gotten off work, still in their office clothes, keen on being apart of a special sort of magic they were sure may happen there and eager to contribute to it. 

It was great. 

The energy of the party lives on in all who attended. All the acts played the type of music that would create grooves of mind blowing imprints in our brains - pushing and pulling expectations and warping them into the unadulterated bliss that can only come from a hot house party filled with the warm crackle of vinyl classics. 

The party doesn't mean much to the rest of the world or anyone who wasn't there, because the party never aired. The footage and sound became corrupted in the recording and so Boiler Room was unable to publish anything. This fact doesn't really seem to mean much here at home. The people that were fortunate enough to attend remember the party vividly, fondly, with undying loyalty and affection. People can remember specific tracks that were played and recall when they were played and by who. People remember the heat and the sweat and also just no one really caring about it, everything was too much fun. 

As precious as good times can be, perhaps no moment that day was more important than when Davon met Ari Goldman (Beautiful Swimmers) and Andrew Morgan. Although the interaction at the party was brief, both of them remembered Davon when they encountered a track laced with his vocals, produced by Swedish producer Sasac. Dreamcast had found an instrumental originally uploaded by Sasac and decided to lay down vocals on a whim with his keyboardist Kareem. They thought they had landed on something good and emailed it to Sasac to see what he thought. Luckily he loved it, wanted it to send it to DC label PPU, where Andrew Morgan was pleased to find out the vocalist lived only down the street from Earcave headquarters. The collaboration between Dreamcast and Sasac, then, has only lived in the virtual world of email, and Davon is looking forward to being able to sit with his friend and buy him a beer and give him a hug. 

Dreamcast, real name Davon Bryant-Mason, has lived in Washington DC his entire life. He grew up listening to Magic 102.3 (DC soul radio station) on his ride to school every day and recalls the sounds of Maxwell and Aretha Franklin coloring his earliest musical memories. 

Although he self describes his love for house music as a bit strange for a young black kid in the neighborhood he grew up in, he never felt any sense of ostracism for it which makes some sense for DC, a city that encourages the weird and the quirky. He's been playing percussion and performing at church since he was four years old, and the experience is evident when you watch him on stage. He is intoxicatingly vulnerable as he croons over tight, dance rhythms. He is both engaging and hypnotic. He wants people to "know its fine to hold their partner close, to dance the night away." His music is about raw emotions, about destroying self imposed filters. The lyrics to his song Liquid Deep were inspired by his courtship to his current girlfriend Kaylah, who was activating new and exciting emotions for him - how much more personal can you get?

Look out for new music from Davon in the next year and try to catch him in late August/September of this year in Europe. While a few shows have left to be confirmed, you can definitely catch his show on NTS on August 17th at 2 - 3 PM GMT. You are encouraged to challenge him to a game of Fifa or 2k17/18.

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