EP38 Trev Ski: Sequences Amongst Other Things


Extended Family 38: Sequences Amongst Other Things



Trev-Ski - Welcome to the Family
Trev-Ski - Warm Embrace
Trev-Ski - Thats Hot!
Trev-Ski - 270
Trev-Ski - The Look in your Eyes
Trev-Ski - Free!
Trev-Ski - Dont Make Me Wait
Trev-Ski - Music is my Therapy
Trev-Ski - Hey Boy!
Trev-Ski - Lively Horns
Trev-Ski - Girl!
Trev-Ski - Work the Middle
Trev-Ski - Love Machine
Trev-Ski - Connected
Trev-Ski - IDGAF
Trev-Ski - Let Go
Trev-Ski - Closer
Trev-Ski - Into You

"Why don't you just call Trevor?"

It's a question that seems innocuously mundane, and in many ways it is. But try to find a DJ who hasn't at some point experienced some sort of technical issue with their turntables, and you'll start to understand how valuable it is to keep reliable tinkerers in your roster. Trevor Keen, otherwise known as Trev-Ski when he's behind the decks, is the Trevor behind this question, at least in Washington D.C. He is a DJ's favorite DJ in the sense that if you need him to come help with a needle or belt or whatever, Trevor will reliably, dependably come over with a congenial smile and a big bear hug and usually all he ever wants is a beer for his help most of the time (He graciously gives credit to DJ Cam-One for the knowledge that was bestowed on him before reaffirming that he's always around if anyone in the area needs help with their 1200's, seriously! Hit him up if you need some turntable help). 

Keen has always lived in the area. He grew up in the suburbs of DC in nearby Montgomery County, MD and continues to work there as an Operator of the county Leachate Pretreatment Plant. Besides that, he's looking forward to celebrating the third year of MOdERN CLASS, a bi-monthly party party he helps run (alongside Graham Hatke and Haz) which is dedicated to showcasing 80's dance music, modern funk, and boogie on a nice fat sound system. He feels strongly that records are meant to be heard, and has an unwavering dedication to this mission. He runs another party with Haz called Private Joy, a monthly show at Studio Ga Ga in Adams Morgan on the second Friday of each month; it centers around late 80s and early 90's house, techno, acid, and freestyle music. As if that weren't busy enough, Keen also maintains a solo monthly gig at Songbyrd Music House called Choice Sounds, where he feels he gets the chance to play things he normally couldn't. Essentially - the message is that here in DC, and almost every single week, Trevor Keen can hold you down. 

Keen remembers his mother singing Jim Croce, Grass Roots, and other 'folky stuff.' He also, like many other Extended Family members that grew up in the area, speaks fondly of radio stations like 93.9 and 95.5 where they've been playing Go-Go for years along with hip hop, R&B, salsa, funk, reggae. That might be why music feels so compulsive to him. His record collection started after an introduction to Joe's Record Paradise when he was 17 and Tim Shea, an employee, helped guided him through the labyrinthian stacks over at Joe's. Keen seems to still feel pretty enthusiastic about D.C.'s current music scene. He's correct in saying that there are just so many choices for DIY style after hour events. He throws shout outs to crews at Sequence, Sticky Fingers, Prescription, Uncle Benny, and Roam. He seems pumped about the sounds of Grand Ancestor, Leon City Sounds and Ritmos Raros and glad that venues like Money Town and Showtime are leaning towards soulful sounds. He supports D.C. labels Future Times, Better Listen Records, 1432 R, Atlantic Rhythms, Rush Plus, Federal Green, World Building, and Peoples Potential Unlimited. D.C. might be a small town but that can sometimes be a relief when there is so much to keep track of. Trevor knows this better than anyone. 

Trev Ski has been producing music for about a decade now, and presents Extended Family with a mix completely of original tracks built with his MPC 1000 and the live lead was played using his Microkorg through an Eventide Timefavor (mixed down by Merritt Booth). He also has in his toolbox a Roland Alpha Juno, Twisted Electrons Acid, Roland D-05, Korg Volca FM, and a Roland DR. 770. He has contributed to a compilation for Retrospective Records back in 2011 and produces mainly as a hobby, but don't let his super chill demeanor fool you and look out for his upcoming EP with Atlantic Rhythms on tape and digital. 

Find Trev Ski on Feb 9 at Studio GaGa, Choice Sounds on Feb 16, Eighteenth Street Lounge on Feb 23, and MOdERN CLASS on April 16. 
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DJ Mix: Trev Ski - Sequences Amongst Other Things - EF 38

Extended Family is a mix series curated by ZEM SU YUNG that features selectors from the Washington DC area and it's surrounding suburbs, otherwise known as the DMV. Digital downloads of every mix and accompanying tracklist will always be offered for free. 

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