EF27 Taylor Trostle: sehnsucht


Extended Family 27: sehnsucht
Taylor Trostle


Octo Octa – Who Will I Become
Erosion Flow – Drop The Heavy
Jon Fay – 1271
Terriers – Believing The Crystal
Willow – a1
Shanghai Den – The Sun
Vester Koza – Out of the Blue
Junes – Colours
Local Artist – Feelings
Endian – Juno Arps
Ajukaja & Andrevski – Looking For Something That's Not There
Leif – Life Through Analogies
Lukid – Born In Bosnia
Buffered Multiple – #8c969f (efdemin version)
Voiski – From Sea to Sea
Audio Werner – Balances 3
Pavel Milyakov – Afterwheel Sept
Raw mt – La Duna
Samoyed – Guts
Kinetic Electronix – Astral Kin
1991 – Reborn Ice Horn

Taylor Trostle is a creative force. She remains an unabashedly supportive and thorough collector, writer, collagist, digital artist, and journalist. Ben UFO gives her shout outs for listening by name regularly and I could say with almost 100% certainty that she has listened eagerly to every single Extended Family mix without fail. She speaks fondly of the Hessle Audio show on Rinse and especially seems to love shows and opportunities where eclectic tastes are promoted and where she can be introduced to new music, whether is from 20 years ago or unreleased. She is an avid follower of the система | system out of Ukraine as well as shows by Debonair, Lukid, and Martyn on NTS. Taylor Trostle is, quite simply, a true head. 

Her record collection (estimated at around 320) is catalogued in a Microsoft Excel sheet where releases are organized by BPM, Artist, and Label - a systematic system only built for the most detail oriented of us. While the system itself sounds like it took ages to put together, Taylor insists that it helps allow her to easily archive and reference the collection and has used the organization as a tool to help with beat matching and preparing for mixes. She also seems to enjoy having a birds eye view, so to speak, on the way that different genres and artists work within certain BPM or style ranges, which she finds interesting and engaging. 

Trostle, born and raised in northern Virginia just outside the city limits in a white house surrounded by trees, grew up playing outside and living in her imagination as she soaked in the natural woodland beauty of her neighborhood. She's always remembered writing stories and diaries and letters and poetry and figured that was some sort of sign that she would end up working in music journalism. Between a semester of studying abroad in Melbourne (Australia) where she first was introduced to the wild and gripping sounds of club culture and a brief stint in the news journalism program at Northeastern University (Boston), she wisely became in tune to the nagging feeling that perhaps despite her initial ideas that maybe journalism wouldn't be right for her. She felt disinterested in her classes and found it difficult to interview strangers, and felt the insistence on objectivity to be hindering her creative freedom. 

She made a quick move to the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida and fell in love with the culture of movement and creative flows, which led her to her current work as being Art Director for Wallace & Company. She also contributes regularly to Truants since 2014, a blog focused on electronic music, and has covered artists like Zomby, Erosion Flow, as well as labels like 3024 and 1432 R. She first applied and was accepted as a graphic designer for their Temporary Trax series. The first piece she had commissioned for them (shown below) remains to be her favorite. She considers it a memento both marking the start of her time with Truants as well as the push back into personal collage work. She used silhouetted faces cut from paper and a monochromatic color palette to create an abstract image about how connectivity in music transcends physical boundaries. 

Her personal work also consists mostly of handmade collages; she enjoys the tactile and methodical process of cutting up imagery and using the colors and negative space to create something entirely new. Watch out this year for her next visual piece - the largest scale collage that she's ever attempted! Although water seems to be a big theme, the rest is yet a mystery.

Taylor Trostle's installment for Extended Family 27 is moody and deep and haunting. 
You can find Taylor on her website, TaylorTrostle.com, on Discogs, on Instagram, on Soundcloud, and on Twitter