EF29 Graham Hatke: Special Blends


Extended Family 29: Special Blends
Graham Hatke


Deep Fuzz - Swimming With Sharks
Tramaine - Fall Down
Gaucho - Dance Forever
Fingers Inc. - Music Take Me Up
Vitamin B - A Headache
The Rhythm Factor - Phase 1
DV8 - Freedom
Love American Style - Away
Shai - If I Ever Fall In Love (Bootleg Remix)
007 - See The Light
Sticky People - Party Time (Dub)
Steaward - Track 10
Reade Truth - A Juno 909 Reflection
Dj Deep - MKS 1 (Dub)
Dj Gregory - Head Talking (Dub)
Karizma - God Made Me Phunky (Re-Rub)
George Kranz - Din Daa Daa
Atmosfear - Magic Bullets
Will Downing - In My Dreams

Graham Hatke is one chill dude.

Watching him DJ is like watching a willow tree blow gently in the wind, where the branches splay out into the air and the roots are planted firmly. Talking with him seems actually a similar experience, and he has a pointed way of choosing his words carefully. Lean in to pay attention to what he's saying, especially if you are a record collector. Graham's knowledge of the obscure and wonderful runs wide, so bring a notepad and an open mind.

Graham seems to most enjoy the role of music as a healer. He gently pushes others towards transferring their anxieties into creative productivity, and speaks as a person who has weathered lonely battles and who has seen the light that can only come from wanting to give back. He seems cognizant of the importance of meditation, reading, eating healthy, and getting lots of rest and how taking care of yourself can directly aid your relationship to music and to production especially. 

Graham hails from a small city in New York state called Schenectady, where he grew up taping late night radio shows on WRPI and realizing that a lot of the songs he heard were not available on CD or even cassette in some cases. This might have spurred on his interest in becoming a collector, an identity that bears much importance on getting used to the idea of the unknown as well as the feeling of immense satisfaction from the acquisition of new knowledge. Perhaps in a similar way, Graham's early memories of seeing DJ's play 80's R&B and disco classics for the local roller rink activated the fun and joy in his own approach, for as much as he may insist on the therapeutic powers of sound he seems equally enthusiastic about the cathartic potential for dance. 

Graham moved to Baltimore to go to art school after feeling the risks from the potential of pursuing a skateboarding career (Graham still likes to have a hand in the visual arts and works during the day as a photo editor for a real estate company) where he became heavily entrenched in dance music.  He eventually started a party with DJ Fleg called 4 Hours Of Funk which now has been running over 8 years. Hatke and Fleg go to great lengths to offer an alternative environment that stays accessible to people from all walks of life. The party respects its namesake and tries to keep the full spectrum of funk music alive and relevant, and they are proud of the diverse crowd that it can draw. Graham also throws a party called Modern Class with his friend Trevor Keen.

Because there aren't a ton of established rooms in Baltimore city, DIY is the name of the game. Rather than being discouraged, Graham notes that there are tons of individuals and collectives that are actively participating in the community, like Jordan Pope and the Vague Output crew. He also seems to be proud of the artists he sees around him who take on social activism for the city. He thinks it's important for artists to call out corrupt entities and policies and become ever more aware and involved, specifically when it comes to issues like reforming the police department, city government, school administration, and fair wages. Hopefully the growth of this type of activism will lead to more clubs, event spaces, record shops, equipment rentals, dance studios, and sound studios in the city as artists become increasingly vocal about their needs. Certainly, the city of Baltimore and it's club scene has a champion in the roster who they can count on with Graham Hatke. 

Look out for Graham's debut EP on the new Vague Output label sometime in the fall. Catch 4 Hours of Funk at Eighteenth Street Lounge (DC) about every other month. 

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