EF32 Chris Richards: Ocean to Ocean Glide 2017


Extended Family 32: OCEAN TO OCEAN GLIDE 2017
Chris Richards


Michael Stearns - M'Ocean
William Aura - Enchantment
Jonn Serrie - Eye of the Beholder
Kevin Braheny - Galactic Sky
R. Lee Steele - Portals
Constance Denby - Lotus Opening
Coyote Oldman - Field of Clouds
David and Steve Gordon - Waves of Bliss
Raphael - Silence
Steve Halpern - Ocean Suite Part Six

Extended Family is pleased to announce its first annual residency by Chris Richards

In 2017, Richards introduced TK Echo alongside Aaron Leitko, Fiona Griffin, and Josh Blair as well as Street Stains with Sean McGuinness. Both projects feature live instrumentation focused on organic sounds and are currently accepting bookings for 2018. Richards, who reviews music for the Washington Post, was especially excited to continue his weekly column in the Posts Weekend section where he gets to write about a different musician from the DMV area every Friday. In his 2nd mix for Extended Family, Richards offers ambient flavors of peace and healing. A yearly mix by Chris will be released on every winter solstice to celebrate the end of the year and to encourage introspection. 

Glide, an ambient night with Richards behind the decks at U Street Music Hall, will take place on January 4th 2018.

Follow Chris on Twitter here or here.