EF Episodes

Downloadable sound collages from artists, collectors, and writers based in the DMV area


EF 43 Beautiful swimmers - wow mix



EF 41 DJ native sun - Orûnmila

Waajeed - Winston's Midnight Disco
Chris Stussy - Crate Diggin
Karizma - Work It Out
Sweely - Stronger Than Me
Jaymie Silk - Slaveship
TD_Nasty - MOELR Groove - Tribal (Original)
Neuropunk - Mental
Hagan - Roots 
Roska - Running (unreleased)
Scratcha DVA - Kong
DJ Booman - Freeze (Gipsy Trax edit)
James Banger - South Beach Juice Box
George Benson - Give Me The Night (MikeQ Remix)
Capital K’AOS - Vader Vjuan 
Allure - GOBESIQOLO (remix)
Hagan - Gyal You A Party Animal (Hagan Remix)

download (1).jpeg

EF 40 Analog Tara - Strawberry Moon Mix

Analog Tara - Windup Groove/Steady State Remix
Analog Tara - Mobile Sources Remix
Analog Tara - What Follows Remix 
Analog Tara - Pulse and Light 
Analog Tara - Density and Surface 
Analog Tara - Percolation 
Analog Tara - Propulsion 
Analog Tara - Hexagon 
Analog Tara - Undecagon 
Analog Tara - Nonagon 
Analog Tara - Life On Mars Is Listening Remix