EF41 DJ Nativesun: Orûnmila


Extended Family 41: Orúnmila
DJ Nativesun



Waajeed - Winston's Midnight Disco
Chris Stussy - Crate Diggin
Karizma - Work It Out
Sweely - Stronger Than Me
Jaymie Silk - Slaveship
TD_Nasty - MOE
LR Groove - Tribal (Original)
Neuropunk - Mental
Hagan - Roots 
Roska - Running (unreleased)
Scratcha DVA - Kong
DJ Booman - Freeze (Gipsy Trax edit)
James Banger - South Beach Juice Box
George Benson - Give Me The Night (MikeQ Remix)
Capital K’AOS - Vader 
Vjuan Allure - GOBESIQOLO (remix0
Hagan - Gyal You A Party Animal (Hagan Remix)


In a world full of snakes hiding in all sort of dark corners, it can be disarming to meet people who are so genuinely kind that you start to feel hopeful again about the future. Luckily DC is a really small city, and it can be just as easy to find and delight in light filled souls as it is to avoid the former.

Chris Mychal Harris, better known in the DMV as DJ Nativesun, feels straight up paradoxical when you start digging in to who he is. While touring globally, producing regularly, DJing near ceaselessly, its difficult to believe that he’s an educator as well, although he maintains its one of the most important and valuable parts of his identity. Once I eagerly listened to him explain a project his class was working on (where students had to come to school in costume based on the musician they were studying) with the same fun ferocity and excitement that could be evident in a DC warehouse rave. Harris is a math/communications/health teacher with elementary school aged children at Nation House, an African centered grade school, and you can tell pretty quickly that he cares deeply about their own development as much as he cares about his own.

And his own development is a whirlwind. After growing up in a household full of the sounds of gospel, jazz, soul, r&b, and classic rock, a friend pushed him into DJing in his early 20s, an event he genially describes as “a gift given to me to share with others.” Perhaps it helped that his father was a DJ and heavy record digger as well, that his older brother rapped and sang in a gogo band, and his sister played the piano, but his current commitments should be credited to Harris alone. While running a weekly radio show on Thursday nights at the Line Hotel, he’s graced the decks at U Street Music Hall, Tropicalia, Velvet Lounge, Howard Theater, Lincoln Theater, Ten Tigers Parlour, Trillectro, and the H Street Festival to just name a few. Outside of our little city hes played at Output (NY), Babies All Right (NY), Kinfolk (NY), Afropunk (NY/ATL), Sound Table (ATL), Roundhouse (LDN), Peckham Rye Festival (LDN), Bonnarro (TN), UPSTREAM (WA), Afro Istanbul (TKY), and Saint George (BER). He’s gotten gigs by sitting at bars during flight layovers and making friends with the owners, a testament to his amiability.

DJ Nativesun gives Extended Family an uplifting mix sure to poke through the clouds of hurricane weather. East coast babies can batten down the hatches in anticipation for rainy weather this week while keeping things sunny and warm inside the headphones.

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