EF39 Juana: Bam Stoker's Jackula


Extended Family 39: Bam Stroker's Jackula



Dietrich Schoenemann - Age(less)
Walter T - Constellation (Original Mix)
Sean Deason - Sience Funktion (Original Mix)
Aux 88 - Astral Projections featuring Ice Truck (Detroit Mix)
AWB - Kinetic Lullaby (Pris Remix)
Kaczmarek - IIIIIIIII (VSK Remix)
Soramimi - Collapsed Gods
Solid Gold Playaz - Next Faze Of The Game - Original Mix
Mute - Driver’s License (Original Mix)
Furtive - Periodical Anomaly
Regis - Blood Witness
Gene Hunt - Inspire (Balmoral St. mix)
Gant Garrard - Midnight Freakin - Original Mix
Throbbing Gristle - Hot On The Heels Of Love (Ratcliffe Remix)



Juana Llorens was born in Chicago but moved to DC fifteen years ago, making the capital feel like home. It's where she has come to find her footing, sonically, and where she has found she can focus and cultivate her artistic vision. Like many others in this small city (and nearly every single selector that has ever pulled records for Extended Family), Juana remains encouraged by the support that seems to flow endlessly from tight knit crews hidden all throughout the many narrow alley ways. Like any true local, she seems excited about the energy and vitality of the current scene while still nostalgic for the hay days of Bad Brains and Jawbox. She maintains that in D.C. lies a "rich history to draw from if you know where to look," an attitude which seems to be a common thread for artists who decide to stay here. 

Juana found her way into DJing by literally kicking "this guy" off the turntables at a house party where she found his music choices to be less than pleasing, and definitely unacceptable. She started out as a partier, moved into record collecting, and then realized there was some truth she could uncover by sharing her perspective with others. She felt some instinctual pull from the way her friends enjoyed her music at that party that day, and has followed that guiding feeling ever since, just hoping to help people have fun, be happy, and "release the nonsense of everyday life on the dance floor." 

Juana grew up in a huge family where multiple members were avid musicians. Her father, most of her uncles, a few aunts, and her grandparents all either played instruments or were tremendous vocalists in their own right. Juana's earliest memory involves watching her dad and uncles jamming out Brothers Johnson covers. As an 80s kid, she was raised on a diet of not only jazz, funk, rock, classical, and tons of blues, but also house, new wave, and industrial. This upbringing must have instilled the confidence that she exudes behind the decks. She is at once in completely control and full of unmistakeable power when she mixes songs into and out of each other. Walk away from a Juana DJ set newly inspired and ready to go home and work on your own crate.

Juana has reached both internally and externally to find inspiration, and as much as she remains inspired by the energy of her ancestors, she has reveled in the rapidly flourishing electronic scene in D.C. She has been with Sequence, a collective of DJs and promoters, almost since its inception, and feels absolutely wonderful about what they've been able to accomplish. She claims that Sequence has committed to pushing boundaries, regardless of outside pressures. The highlight for her in that experience is "being surrounded by really smart people who know what they're doing and really truly have their ears to the ground." Undoubtedly the rest of the Sequence crew respects Juana in the same way, as you can find her supporting almost all of their parties, lucky for us! Perhaps this involvement was part of what caught the eye of Discwoman, a New York based bookings agency and collective. Juana was added to their roster in 2017 with much aplomb and was in turn impressed with Discwoman's savvy marketing skills and their expertly maneuvered curation of keeping their decks fresh and diverse. She already feels in less than a year that she has learned so much and the opportunity has opened many doors and introduced her to amazing people - what more can a human being ask for during their short time on earth? 

Catch Juana at Sequence on May 18th opening for DJ Stingray.

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DJ Mix: Juana - Bam Stokular's Jackula

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