EF26 Djoser: Eternal River


Extended Family 26: Eternal River


Hamza El Din - Muwashshah (Veil) (JVC)
Cheb Mami - Ana Mazel (Triple Earth)
Floating Points, Maalem Mahmoud Guinia - Mimoun Marhaba (Border Community)
Simo Cell- Gliding (Livity Sound)
Persian - Omid A Man (Jus Nowhere Edit) (Unreleased)
Martyn - Elden St. (3024)
E.R. - Feluha (1432 R)
Moth - Gehenna (Forthcoming)
The Green Door Allstar - Tsorna (Midland mix) (Autonomous Africa)
Batu - Murmur (Timedance)
Parris - Skeletal (Ancient Monarchy)
Gantz - Free Focus (Free DL)
Djoser - Daho (1432 R)
Sully - Blue (Max D edit) (unreleased)
Tsvi - Scalameriya - Ouroboros (Tsvi edit) (free DL)
Second Storey - Sludge 3D (Nervous Horizon)
Rush Plus - D_Tool (Rush Plus)
Joy Orbison - Off Season (Hinge Finger)
Randomer & Hodge - Second Freeze (Dnuos Ytivil)
Richie Steedman - Slip (Hottrax)
Henning Baer - DNA (Nonplus records)
Djoser - Opener of the Stone (Forthcoming)
Rush Plus - Sweat (Unreleased)
Malleus - Falling Through Inner Earth (Unreleased)
Trisicloplox - The ether breckons (unreleased)
Commodo, Gantz & Kahn - Unmistakable (Deep Medi)
Hodge - Personality Shift (No Corner)

When my grandfather immigrated to the United States, he lost a year of his life. I don't mean that literally - I mean that there was a clerical error on his birth date when the forms were filled out and my grandfather ended up in government records being an entire year younger than he actually was. This isn't a big deal for most immigrants. I have another friend whose last name is spelled entirely differently from his younger brothers because of the same sort of error. If immigrants want to fix a mistake like this, they have to move to the back of a line that they have already stood in for weeks or months at a time. Most just go along with their new identities while keeping their real ones imprinted in their hearts for the sake of wanting to move on with their new life. 

Shady Elkashef (pronounced SHAH-dee), who was informed once he arrived at the United States that his new name would instead be Shadi Daoud, seems to hold this fact with a similar sort of casual acceptance, even though Elkashef is the true family name of the country where Shadi's family was from. He was born and raised in Giza, Egypt, but identifies ethnically as Nubian as that was the identity taken up by his grandparents. 

With his new name and new life, Elkashef (who DJs and produces under his stage name Djoser, named after an Egyptian Pharoah) joined a reggae band called Moment Behind in college after experimenting with the bass guitar through high school before obsessing over the pumped, brassy sounds of Ska and then finally finding and falling in love with Jungle and Dubstep.

Lots of people start DJing before trying their hand at production, but Djoser's initial foray into live music helped him start experimenting with percussions and samples years before he stepped up to the decks. He professes a love for synthesized music, especially when the vibe starts to feel organic and natural. While he grew up on a diet of old middle eastern music, dreamy stuff from the likes of Fairouz and Mohamed Mounier, he fell in love with the darker and heavier sounds of DMZ, Martyn, Kowton, Batu, and Shackleton.

Shadi seems completely enamored with Washington DC and the state of its music scene; he describes his thoughts on it as just pure excitement about whats happening. He can't even finish the list of DC related projects he's excited about, jumping through quick appreciations from artists like Jett Chandon, Tsuguri as well as projects like 1432 R, where he released his debut track Daho for the Extended Family Comp 01, a charity release benefiting the ACLU. 

He goes on to send shout outs to L.E.N.G., Cadence, Roam, Deep Sessions, Grand Ancestors, Rush Plus, Future Times, World Building, Blood Frenzy, Translation Records, Car Crash, Classical Trax, Left of the Center, Flash, The NeedlExchange, Dive and Lie Wrecked, Foward DC, U Street Music Hall, Amalgamation, Headroom, Club Cuttlefish, Jade Anvil, Partial Magic, Prescription DC, Transit.fm, Feral Sound, Malleus, and DC House Grooves. He remains a fierce lover of all authentic energies and seems highly appreciative of the many different styles of offerings when it comes to parties and sounds in DC. 

Watch out for new music from him in 2017, both digitally and on vinyl.

Enjoy Extended Family 25: Eternal River, named after a composition inspired by a poem by Mohamed Abdel Wahab, a tribute to the Nile River. 

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