Head Shoppe offers music, art, and gear. It serves as the home base for 1432 R and Extended Family.

1432 R is an independent record label based out of Washington DC, co founded by ZEMSUYUNG, Sami, and Dawit. Specializing in electronic music, the 1432 R catalog can be found in both physical and digital formats. 

Extended Family is a DJ mix series highlighting selectors from Washington DC and its surrounding suburbs, edited and produced by ZEMSUYUNG. The (almost) monthly series features mixes about an hour long with a tracklist and photo, accompanied by a biography so that listeners may better understand the sonic contexts.

Extended Family members include, but are not limited to, DJs, record store owners, label heads, journalists, party promoters, and club owners. Every mix will always be available for free.




For Stockist Inquiries: 

North/South American Distribution by Halcyon NYC - email distribution@halcyontheshop.com
Europe/Asia/Africa/Australian Distribution by Rubadub (Glasgow) - email richard@rubadub.co.uk 
Washington DC and surrounding suburbs - email 1432R@headshoppe.net

Send inquiries, bookings, demos and nice messages to: 

email: 1432r@headshoppe.net